Do You Know How To Purchase 1 Efficient Drum Concrete Mixer Well?

Are you planning to invest in a drum concrete mixer for your business? If so, then this article contains all the information you need.

How to choose a drum concrete mixer supplier.

First of all, find a reliable supplier which can help you in further business. You should try to find companies that have at least a few years of history under their belt. If a company has been around for a while, a company with experience has had time to figure out their business model. In addition, reliable supplier must have many types of concrete mixer for your selection, you need to polish your eyes and choose a right one.

Besides, you shouldn’t just look for manufacturers and suppliers that do great work. You should also focus on finding professionals that are able to meet your needs. You should think about the things you want and need when you evaluate your options. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for you, and that’s perfectly okay. Try to find options that are affordable for you. Make sure that the professionals you work with are able to provide all of the things you need.

drum concrete mixer

In Trade Peak, we are not only have many types concrete mixers for your optional, but also give you the professional advice about how to choose your ideal machine

Drum volume. The performance of the device directly depends on this parameter. The capacity of our equipment cover 120L to 260L, The choice of a drum concrete mixer should be based on the scope of the proposed work, so as you can see, our products are more suitable for small work, such as home use, garden work, small construction project, and this is your target scope.

Drum concrete mixer power. The performance of any drum concrete mixer depends on the ratio of motor power to drum volume. For example, with a large mass of mixture in the drum, a weak engine simply will not be able to turn the container at the required speed, which will reduce the speed of operation and may lead to damage to the device. The motor of our equipment is best matched to its capacity which passing test, so you don’t need to worry about this part.

How to choose drum concrete mixer?

When buying a concrete mixer, you can choose the right one according to the following methods:

  1. According to the amount of concrete required and the project needs, if the amount of concrete is small and the construction period is short, small and medium-sized mobile mixers should be selected.
  2. Choose according to the composition characteristics and consistency of concrete. For example, when the consistency of mixing concrete is small and the aggregate particle size is large, a self-falling mixer with a larger capacity should be used.
  3. If the consistency is large and the aggregate size is small, it is advisable to select a small-capacity conical reversing mixer.
  4. Drum concrete mixer is cheaper。
  5. According to the selection of the construction site, small mobile concrete mixers are usually selected for households and small construction sites.

Mains voltage. This one need your know your local standard well, such as in China, standard voltage is 220v, in US is 110V, in UK is 240v, in France is 127v, etc. So remember to tell us your requests when purchasing, then we can produce according to your target market.

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Noise level. Pay attention to the maximum noise generated. If you are going to work in apartment buildings, then it should be minimal, so as not to displease neighbors. Our equipment control this into standard noise level, don’t worry about it.

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