Approved 2 wheels QTP9014 appealing 160L concrete mixer

QTP9014 160L concrete mixer features a direct drive gearbox , It has switch with safety lock, which is easy to control;2 wheels for easy moving which provide convenience for moving the machine on any road condition 160L capacity can handle up to 5 bags of concrete.

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How to choose a concrete mixer?

When buying a concrete mixer, you can choose the right one according to the following methods:

  1. According to the amount of concrete required and the project needs, if the amount of concrete is small and the construction period is short, small and medium-sized mobile mixers should be selected.
  2. Choose according to the composition characteristics and consistency of concrete. For example, when the consistency of mixing concrete is small and the aggregate particle size is large, a self-falling mixer with a larger capacity should be used.
  3. If the consistency is large and the aggregate size is small, it is advisable to select a small-capacity conical reversing mixer.
  4. Drum mixer is cheaper。
  5. According to the selection of the construction site, small mobile concrete mixers are usually selected for households and small construction sites.

160L Concrete Mixer

Parameters and features of QTP9014 160L concrete mixer.

Strong powerful motor with heavy duty direct drive gear, which is factory-assembled with strong power 550W DC brushless electric motor, the 160 liters drum capacity makes variety features ’T’ shape sector paddles, supporting you to make much more volume concrete and cement, etc.

The big metal punching steel drum with a roughly 385mm drum mouth getting the cement materials much more simple and efficiency, to protect the material stay and mix into it well, and saving working time and money.

It can be used with Trade Peak Electric Wheelbarrow with a suitable height and weight to support construction work more convenient. There are 2 pcs rubber wheels could give a good supporting on the concrete mixer. The 4 directions of drum mouth can meet your different usage.

Advantages of 160L concrete mixer.

  • 160L concrete mixer takes up small space and is easy to move, suitable for small workplaces.
  • Reduce manpower and increase work efficiency.
  • Strong adaptability, no need for additional venues, just power.
  • Low cost and high efficiency, especially suitable for home use.
Concrete mixer

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