Trade Peak is your one-stop problem solver. With 15 years exporting experince in construction machine field to make your importing simple and efficiency.

Who Are We

We are TRADE PEAK from China,mainly engaged in concrete mixers ,plate compactors and power tools, established in 2005, with a production area of about 400,000 square meters, and has accumulated a good reputation in the industry

Our Mission

Promote high-quality machines at the right price, let machines replace physical work, and let us experience the joy of work.

Let TRADE PEAK’s products better serve customers and bring you a good user experience

What We Do

Focus on the research and development and sales of small construction machinery, the main products are mini dumpers, concrete mixers, rammers, trowels, brick breakers and other small equipment suitable for families and small places. Bring good user experience to customers

Why Choose Us?

Concrete mixers,plate compactors and snow thrower Complete industrial chain and mature technological process. Professional product development team to ensure product performance and innovation. Perfect after-sales service system to relieve your worries.


qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

Concrete mixer drum- hydraulic stretch forming production equipment


qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

Concrete mixers component polishing and rust removal production line



qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

Concrete mixers high temperature powder paint


200L concrete mixer

Every order of concrete mixer will be sampled and tested


qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

Concrete mixers automatic packaging line


qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

Concrete mixers all core components are tested

Manipulator Video

Automatic welding of products, manual re-inspection

Stamping Video

Blanking stamping, integral molding

Packaging Video

Each process of packaging has a special person responsible for it


“TRADE PEAK” brand was registered in 2005 byJack and Samantha .
“TRADE PEAK” focuses on the field of small transportation machinery and small construction machinery, with the goal of better providing convenience and user experience for home users. its main products mini dumper, concrete mixers, plate compactors have accumulated a good customer reputation.
“TRADE PEAK” is committed to making customers in need use better small machinery and making continuous efforts.


Our Family

There’s something special about our group. It’s a big family.
Big Brother, Mini Dumper and Mini diger, they’re sleek and strong,the second brother is a concrete mixer and flat tamper in a variety of colors, sizes and uses and moves flexibly,sister broken brick sharp teeth, small bricks and large bricks can easily bite pattern.Cousin polishing machine can repair all kinds of road smooth and smooth so that everyone clean trip


Concrete CE

qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

plate Compactors CE

qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

Audited Supplier

qingdao trade peak co.,ltd

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