What features TRADE PEAK best portable concrete mixer.

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Today, the item is concrete mixer. I think this is a simple and common product in your daily work. And what are we talking about? I will share some functions and details of portable concrete mixer. So please keep following, let’s get to the point.

Portable concrete Mixer

Process details and parameters of the portable concrete mixer

The motor is 800W, and drum capacity is 180Liters, drum mouth is 390mm, the speed you will ask, it is 29.5/min, the overall dimension on this model is 1274x838x1335mm, and net weight is roughly 54kgs, this is the specifications on this model, and for the supporting wheel, it is solid, size is 8×2 solid rubber wheel with plastic rim.

You can see all the surface of portable concrete mixer is smooth, the produce process is powder coating, it is anti-burst skin after the long time of sunlight, to be honest, this is sample was kept in our warehouse for 14 months, and we assembled it on last two weeks, it is still good looking, so it is worth for your testing.

And there is separate rubber belt inside the upper drum, it makes the upper and bottom drum connect well, no leaking of inner-side stuff. This tipping wheel provides an easy positive control of the drum which can be locked in the mix, discharge and stored three positions.

The drum is locked in the position by a self-locating plunger which engages into the tipping wheel. To tilt the drum, the locking plunger must be dis-engaged by pressing down the foot pedal.

This then allows the tipping wheel and drum to be turned in the same direction. Let me show you like this. OK, you have a clear view on it. To retain the drum in position, aligning the slot with the plunger, release the foot pedal and rotate the tipping wheel until the self-locating locking plunger engages into the tipping wheel.

For the loading position, I need to make notice for you, completely unwind the extension cord, connect it to the portable concrete mixer first before plugging in power supply, and second is always start the mixer before loading the drum. Loading the drum with drum rotating, and do not throw material into the mixer to avoid sticking firmly to the back of the drum. Trickle it steadily over the ram.

The last one is a built -in thermal protector is arranged in the motor to prevent it from overheating. The thermal protector restores automatically when the motor cools down. For the empty. Do not turn mixer off while full of load. Emptying the drum with drum rotating. And after your working, do not forget to clean the mixer, Never put hands inside the drum with drum rotating.

Thoroughly clean the mixer at the end of each day’s operation. Keep your mixer clean is a good working habit. The harden and attract more each time you use it until the machine is useless. Dried moment should be scraped out of the drum. Do not throw bricks on the drum with a shovel, a hammer or other tools to break up accumulations of dried cement mix, as damage to the mixer may result.

Maintenance and precautions of portable concrete mixer

For some safety operation on motor, do not pour or spray water directly over the motor cover, especially the openings in it. Wipe off any external material on the motor cover. There should be no petrol, turpentine, lacquer or paint thinner, dry cleaning fluids or similar products. And this collection mixer is with plastic cover, others are with metal one.

If you would like to check the different models, please leave your email address on comments, or your phone number, we could send full catalog offline. Please ensure the extension cord is always unplugged before the motor cover is removed. The drive belt is under the constant even tension by a spring loaded jockey. No adjustment apart from a touch of grease on the spindle. The bearings are sealed for life.

So for now, some functions, specifications and operation tips of this model finished. You may ask me – is it worth for buying a portable concrete mixer? Definitely Yes is my answer. Concrete mixers are capable of preparing mixtures of varying strength precisely as well as quickly. No matter you are doing a simple crack repair or pouring concrete in a small area, or your project is much bigger, consider a portable concrete mixer is a must action.

This will not only make it easier to mix your cement, but also to pour it, as mixer often offers both functions. For the size of concrete mixer, we supply them from 46L to 240L, and this range is the most welcomed collection for homage and construction fields. We also provided the different voltage into different areas, such as 220v, 110v, or 220v or else, also the charging plug. If you are interested in more deeper and professional points, please leave your comments online, we could talk and share more after this live.


For the after-service, Trade Peak supply 12 months on it, such as motor, it could be replaced freely if broken during the guarantee time, for the spare parts, it is no problem to supply, so we are a good partner for all importers and wholesales, for the OEM, such as logo and color, and package, 100% support you, for some ODM service, we could make some innovations and design the unique model for you.

This is our ability to maintain win-win business relationship. 

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