Jackson’s powerful plate compactor QTP2419

Today is a special news about powerful plate compactor. Since TP plate compactor series was put on sale, has been known by more and more people. We collect some stories from different clients, some is dealer , some is for own projects, all of them given the nice feedback about plate compactor bought from TP and shared story between us. Here let’s see Jackson’s encounter with Trade Peak plate compactor.

Why would you buy a plate compactor?

Jackson was worked for a construction company before 2020, after the COVID-19 , he found that people prefer renting equipment instead of buying in local, so he decided to quit company to  start his own business for renting construction machinery. Jackson said “ The brand I used in last company make me annoying when moving the compactor only holding the weak long handlebar, and it’s really made my hands numb while using for a long time. “

 So he wants to find a powerful plate compactor providing higher comfort for himself and his clients. After a long time to choose and compare suppliers, he finally wanted to try Trade Peak’s plate compactor QTP2419 series, the sample test really make him satisfied  “ I really love the foldable design for the handlebar, I can find a more suitable power point and height when moving, and thanks to the sponge on handlebar I can easily cook myself a big meal after 5hours working time ”

powerful Plate Compactor

Powerful plate Compactor ‘s optional attachment

Jacksontold us that he will use the powerful plate compactor to lay the gravel road in front of the new store as test before he makes the sample order, so our sale manager Candice recommended him to add the mobile wheel and rubber pad as attachment for better using. “ Well, the power of the wheel is none of the business of it’s size” Jackson said “ I was really surprised when it’s moving on messy and hard gravel surface, the solid wheel did great job

In addition to it,  the mobile wheel also foldable to save the space when using and carry the powerful plate compactor, if you don’t want it anymore, you can take it off. The rubber pad also play a role while compressing ground to protect surface, Jackson also take our manager Samantha and Candice to see this road when they visit him.

powerful Plate Compactor

Thoughtful after sale service of powerful plate compactor

Only one thing worried by Jackson when he decided work with TRADE PEAK, the after sale service, after communicating with our engineer Jack Liu online, it only spend 10mins for Jackson to pay for the first order.  “ The engine they mount for all plate compactor series is Loncin brand and I can find after sale service in local easily, 1 year commercial warranty make me feel confident to rent to my clients. They also send some accessories as replacement so that I can save a lot of time and energy on maintenance and repairing. “ Jackson said. “

 They will regularly  ask  about the status of the compactor by email or message so that I can share latest information with them, even for one sample”  We are appreciated to get the affirmation for our service and that’s what TP always focus on. Whenever he need us, TP members are there to serve him in 24hours.  

 Now, Jackson had own almost all types of our powerful plate compactor collection, make his renting family become more and more stronger. Meanwhile he started to try the concrete mixer and power trowel at the beginning of this year, by using these equipment working together, the completion efficiency of the project has been greatly increased, let’s looking forward more nice feedback from him!

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