Best-selling petrol compactor plate TRADE PEAK noted QTP2419 11000N

QTP9142 Petrol Compactor Plate ,exerts a massive 11000N (1121kg) on the ground-surface.It’s fitted with a comfortable soft-grip handlebar which can be collapsed for convenient transport and storage; and it offers a sizeable 30cm working-width and moves at 25 metres per-minute, This model can be paired-up with an optional wheel-kit for enhanced manoeuvrability .

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How to use QTP2419  petrol compactor plate.

When using a petrol compactor plate, you may need to purchase the following safety gear like this dust mask and earmuffs, safety glasses and gloves. And you will need suitable clothing and footwear. For safe operation of the compactor or use it on the level surface.

Remembering always to fill the compactor with unleaded fuel and never to stroke. Just start the petrol compactor plate, turn your fuel line on, turn your switch on, a little bit of choke and pull the cord. Now, you’ve got the machine going, using the throttle to give it more power, then use the handle to push over the surface, you can also move the handle to the other side here, to help drag it uphill, or to move yourself back the other way.

If you now you’ve done. Allow the engine to idle for one to two minutes, before shutting off the fuel valve and switching the machine off. Remember not to touch or clean the hot engine until it’s cooled down.

Why choose TRADE PEAK QTP2419 petrol compactor plate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient folding handle
  • Closed V-Belt Guard
  • Reinforced self cleaning base plate
  • Engine oil drain hose
  • Self adjusting centrifugal clutch
  • including Paving Pad & Folding Wheel kit

Petrol Compactor Plate


Using heavy machinery, storing large items, or building structures on uncompacted soil has the potential to cause a wide range of problems.

TRADE PEAK QTP2419 Petrol Plate Compactor is the professional solution to creating a safe & trustworthy working area. Loncin 163cc Engine, the compactor forces loose soil, sand & gravel together, decreasing its permeability, increasing its load bearing capacity, & ensuring a level supporting surface.
QTP2419 A highly durable reinforced base plate is self cleaning to help reduce time spent on maintenance; also user friendly is the compactor’s self adjusting centrifugal clutch. A closed V-belt guard keeps use safe even in stressful jobsite conditions, comfortable handle folds away conveniently for space saving storage.

QTP2419 upgraded with folding wheel kit, sold separately. After attachment, the wheel kit can be folded down to improve manoeuvrability when moving to & from jobs.

petrol compactor plate

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