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QTP9170 Petrol reversible plate compactor has the option of moving in two directions – you can change the gear with the use of a lever located in the control console.The mounting of the control beam has been designed in such a way as to minimize shocks and vibrations – pleasant and comfortable work for the operator.

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6.5hp Gas.



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What fuel does a reversible plate compactor use?

TRADE PEAK reversible plate compactors are available in both gasoline and diesel fuel power.

How to use a petrol reversible plate compactor safely.

When using a plate compactor, you may need to purchase the following safety gear like this dust mask and earmuffs, safety glasses and gloves. And you will need suitable clothing and footwear. For safe operation of the compactor or use it on the level surface.

Remembering always to fill the compactor with unleaded fuel and never to stroke. Using this equipment indoors or in confined spaces could cause fatal carbon monoxide poisioning. Never use it in domestic premises and only use it in other indoor situations if its suitability and the ventilation required has been fully accessed. Mechanical extraction ventilation will almost always be required.

If you now you’ve done. Allow the engine to idle for one to two minutes, before shutting off the fuel valve and switching the machine off. Remember not to touch or clean the hot engine until it’s cooled down.

QTP0719 Petrol reversible plate compactor specifications:

QTP0719 compactor, rammer with reverse – operating weight 120 kg
reversible compactor. Silicone mat and wheels included!
Engine power: 6.5 HP
Net weight: 115 kg
Operating weight: 120 kg
Board dimensions: 620 x 400 mm
Fuel type: unleaded gasoline
Compaction depth: up to 350mm
Centrifugal force: 25,000N
Maximum feed: 22m / min.
Frequency: 5040 / min.
Base plate: pressed from 6.5mm sheet metal!
Engine: LONCIN 4-stroke 196cc

 Reversible Plate Compactor

What is a reversible plate compactor used for?

Do you run a construction company? Are you planning to do construction work? Are you looking for good quality equipment at an attractive price?

If so – this QTP0719plate compactors is for you. Our latest model of a compactor is by far the best choice in terms of the price-quality category of the product. so you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product, proven by thousands of customers around the world.

QTP0719 is the newest compactor weighing 120 kg. The offered product is a novelty from this year, which is the result of improvements introduced by the manufacturer.

Our device is perfect for paving works, road works, paving stones, tamping roads, paths, landscaping works, etc.

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