Durable foldable handle plate compactor TRADE PEAK trustworthy QTP5689

TRADE PEAK QTP5689 foldable handle plate compactor is characterized by maneuverability and productivity with a weight of 105 kg, 6.5HP gasoline engine, which matched with compaction force 25000N.Transport wheels for moving,Foldable handle for easy movement.

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6.5hp Gas.

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How to use foldable handle plate compactor.

When using foldable handle plate compactor, you may need to purchase the following safety gear like this dust mask and earmuffs, safety glasses and gloves. And you will need suitable clothing and footwear. For safe operation of the compactor, or use it on the level surface, they always require a two person lift, and when transporting, make sure that the fuel shutter valve is closed and engine is cool.

Foldable handle plate compactors work best on granular soils, such as those that contain more sand or gravel. It may be beneficial to add some moisture to the soil before using the plate compactor. It generally takes two to four passes to achieve proper compaction.

foldable handle plate compactor

Why choose TRADE PEAK foldable handle plate compactor.

The proposed vibrating plate from TRADE PEAK brand (QTP5689) compacts the soil well and prepares construction sites. Due to its compactness, it makes possible to compact the soil in trenches and narrow paths. This feature will be very useful in landscape design.

The device is quite compact, does not take up much space. There is a special vibration dampening system on the handle. The handle folds easily. The presence of wheels ensures easy movement of the vibrating plate.

TRADE PEAK QTP5689 Plate compactor is characterized by maneuverability and productivity with a weight of 105 kg, 196 cc, 6.5HP gasoline engine, which matched with compaction force 25000N. The size of the vibrating plate is 59×50 cm, with the speed of the apparatus is at least 32 m/min, and the steel construction guarantees a long service life.


The vibrating plate is equipped with a protective frame
Transport wheels for moving
Foldable handle for easy movement
The base of the vibrating plate has curved edges, which avoids stripes when compacting asphalt.
Sole made of high strength steel

Type of fuel – Gasoline
Starting system – manual starter
Water tank – sold separately
Rubber mat – sold included

foldable handle plate compactor

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