Compactor Plates – Which one would you choose?

compactor plates

Welcome to Trade Peak Construction Machinery. Today, we will fiture out some comparisons of the three different compactor plates brands, such as Hyudai, Lumag and Wacker. Let’s check them out.

How to use a Strong Medium Vibrating Wacker Plate

vibrating plate

Welcome to Trade Peak Construction Machinery. The plate compactor series introduction is on the way. Today, we will talk about the medium vibrating wacker plate, such as using tips, operation process, etc.

How to use a light vibrating plate?

light vibrating plate

Welcome to Trade Peak Construction Machinery. The light vibrating plate is hot selling item in TP construction equipment collection. The operation information will be shown for you.

Jackson’s powerful plate compactor QTP2419

Petrol Compactor Plate

Today is a special news about powerful plate compactor. Since TP plate compactor series was put on sale, has been known by more and more people. We collect some stories from different clients, some is dealer , some is for own projects, all of them given the nice feedback about plate compactor bought from TP and shared story between us. Here let’s see Jackson’s encounter with Trade Peak plate compactor.

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