How to use a Strong Medium Vibrating Wacker Plate

Hello, and thanks for joining us. Today, we are talking through our medium vibrating plate. Sometimes it is referred to in the trade as a wacker plate.

Our flat-based medium vibrating wacker plate is ideal for compacting heavy-duty building materials like hardcore, sand, and cement, it has a low hand-down vibration design for extended and safe usage times. This vibrating wacker plate is easy to maneuver and control, the base plate does not dig in when dragged or turned.

medium vibrating wacker plate operation process is ready for your checking.

As a larger sister product to a lightweight vibration plate, this medium vibrating wacker plate model weighs approximately 86 kilograms and utilizes a four-horsepower petrol engine, this means you still get speeds of up to 20 meters per minute, plus the additional weight benefits.

The medium vibrating wacker plate item is easy to store and transport in the back of a large van or truck, It has lifting points to allow easy unloading and loading, but you may need a few people.

If you like to find out more about our lightweight or electrical alternatives, then you can visit our website to see more.

Before making any adjustments, please make sure the medium vibrating wacker plate is turned off and isn’t running,

  • Regularly check the fuel level and fill up as needed with unleaded petrol, please be aware that Tradepeak is unable to supply the petrol when delivery.
  • Screw on the fuel cap securely.
  • To set the medium vibrating wacker plate up, place the machine on firm ground and check the oil and fuel levels.
  • Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, then put it back into the oil reservoir, remove it for a second time, and check the oil level sits between the min and max lines.
  • Next, extend the handle out to the working position and prepare to start the engine. The plate is fitted with an automatic clutch, so there should not be any vibrating action when the engine is left idle.
  • To start turn the engine switch on, open the fuel tap, and apply the choke. You want the choke fully open if the starts from cold and halfway if it starts from warm.
  • Position the throttle, so that it is halfway open and the engine should start with a few quick pulls of the cord. If the plate begins to vibrate and wander, then reduce the amount of the throttle.
  • Finally, you need to fully open the throttle and control the unit using the handle. You’ll then be operating with a compaction force of 13.5 kilonewtons. It would be best if you worked in straight lines. Working from the left to the right, and then top to the bottom, overlapping as you go.

If divots disappear then refill and compact the affected area, when you are finished using the machine, shut off the throttle, turn the engine switch off, and close the fuel tap and the choke. Let the machine fully cool down before attempting to move it.

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Before you use this medium vibrating wacker plate, there are a few essential tips that you need to consider.

Firstly, if you are using petrol-powered motors, be aware of the fumes and take care around flammable liquids, We don’t prepare the petrol in TP, but we have fuel cans available for purchase and fuel can be purchased at your local petrol station. It might be a good idea to wear protective clothing.

Next, be aware that the engine and exhaust can get very hot and shouldn’t be touched until completely cooled down.

Finally, because of the exhaust gases produced by a petrol engine, you must not use them indoors. For the best practice, you should wear full PPE, including gloves, air defenders, goggles, and safety boots. You should only operate the machine if you have been trained and are competent in doing so.

And that’s it, please check out our other products and videos online. If you need any help, our support team is ready to chat with you. Just click the Chat to Us Now button in the bottom right-hand corner of the powertools1 website. Have a good day!

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