Easy-to-operate 600kg maneuverable and flexible mini digger QTP06

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 operation. Considering clients feedback on smaller digger working in the homage or garden work, QTP06 is coming. 

Trade Peak most compact machine are amazingly nimble, versatile and reliable machines that can work just about anywhere while packing a surprising amount of power, rivalling bigger competitors.

QTP06 600kgs mini digger is with LCT gasoline engine, 10.0 horsepower to support 600kgs operation capacity, under the width 690mm could be easily go through some narrow places, rubber tracked version is same as self loading mini dumper, this is our aim to supply one smallest mini digger can help your daily work. 2100mm is the max. digging height offer the nice performance for carrying something in high position, 0.011cbm standard bucket capacity would get a exactly thumbing ability. 

Mini digger

With a retracted track width of only 69 cm, the Trade Peak QTP06 excavator (mini digger) can access difficult and cramped jobsites where exhausting manual labour is your only other option. This model navigates through narrower openings and can operate in more confined areas than other excavators. The reduced tail swing gives you the flexibility to pivot and deposit soil while offering protection against accidental contact with surrounding objects.

TRADE PEAK mini digger QTP06 is perfect

Trade Peak compact excavators give you a perfect control of the boom, arm and bucket, even in the most challenging work conditions. Having confidence in this control and your precise movements enables you to complete the job using your machine, instead of doing it with manual labour. This foresseable control is delivered through exclusive control value systems and torque-limiting piston pumps that match with force with demand. 

Retractable Blades 

You don’t need any tools to adjust the blade extension on QTP06 model, you can easily remove the blade extensions, and store them directly on the blade structure.

Ergonomic Controls

With Trade Peak ergonomic controls, you stay productive all day long. They help to control the attachments with precision and flexibility, without feeling tired. Grade, level and backfill with less exertion. 

Popular Attachments

Thumb, ideal for precision carrying and handling, or preparing pipes. 

Claw, best tools for clowing some sand or grass. 

Pallet forks, a standard duty to carry something at the front.

Rake, scarify the soil 

QTP06拼图 1


As was mentioned above, the new QTP06 mini digger is a high performance machine in a compact package. In comparison with the previous QTP08 Norml-Series model, the new machine is 100 mm narrower (but more stable with higher lift capacities) with a maximum width of 2100 mm. The maximum overall height of 2540 mm allows the machine to be transported on a container truck without the risk of being over the EU maximum legal truck height. The tie down points inside and outside the undercarriage where the machine can be secured during transport are easily accessible and oversized for use with any type of approved fastening method

Easy Service & Maintenance

The new design on QTP06 mini digger is designed as a balanced machine in performance, compactness and stability. The dynamic and robust design reduces the risk of downtime, with the heavy-duty steel side channels and the counterweight acting as a bumper to protect essential components, as well as all the hoses, pipes, valves, lights and other sensitive components that are important for excavator functions.

The Trade Peak 600kgs mini digger concept uses proven, reliable components (such as the engine, joysticks, cab etc) and if maintenance or service is needed, wide opening covers allowing access to all maintenance points from the ground level mean this can be done easily on the job site. Also under the right hand cover is a well placed and accessible fuel transfer pump with an auto shut down function, which is standard on the QTP06 and makes refuelling a quick, clean and easy process.

The large external flat areas in the QTP06 simplify the cleaning of outside surfaces and help to keep the machine in perfect condition. Thanks to the use of water resistant materials in the interior and smooth surfaces, together with a removable two-piece floor mat, it is easy to clean the inside of the cab as well.

Excellent Productivity & High Performance

The low effort joysticks coupled with a new generation control valve make the workgroup feel like an extension of the operator’s arm and every precise movement is fully under the operator’s control. The latest generation hydraulic control valve offers improved metering for smooth controllability and natural, finite movement of the workgroup and great joystick feedback.

The high breakout forces and fast cycle times in the QTP06 mini digger continue to be an essential part of TRADEPEAK’S DNA. Whether it is traveling across a jobsite, backfilling or digging, the QTP06 excavator’s hydraulic smart system evenly distributes the flow to ensure maximum performance. The optimized blade has been designed with a self-cleaning shape for dustpanability with a short arm, power tilt and grading bucket, and contributes to improved stability.

The blade float function simplifies grading and levelling. Blade float exerts a minimal, consistent downforce on the blade, with minimal operator input.

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