TRADE PEAK perfeck mini digger QTP06 600kg mini excavator

TRADE PEAK QTP06 mini digger is designed and produced independently to better serve the needs of users. It is small in size and flexible in movement.

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Engine Power

306cc, 10 HP Gas

Digging Force (Arm)

4.75 kN (485 kgf)

Digging Force (Bucket)

8 kN (815 kgf)

Bucket Capacity

0.011 m³

Bucket Width

290 mm


Key-type Starter Switch and Shutdown

Travel Speed

2.1 km/h

Track Shoe type

Rubber Crawler

Swing Speed

7.5 rpm



Pump Capacity

2 x 9 L/min

Parking Brake

Hydraulic Lock Type

Product Detail

QTP06 600kg mini digger is the first in China, with a novel design

mini diggerMini digger


The original multi-function configuration, one machine in hand life worry-free. The excavator has the function of a forklift, and the leveling bucket is added with sawtooth.

QTP06 mini digger is ergonomically designed to free up space for the legs

mini diggerMini digger

QTP06 mini excavator operating table has a compact layout, the operating lever uses a handle to make the operator very comfortable, and the seat and the operating table are perfectly combined, making work a pleasure. The legs have been designed to give the legs room to move freely.

QTP06 mini digger 690mm width of allows him to freely pass through narrow passages and even narrow doors in rooms. A super worker in a small space, QTP06 is equipped with a 10hp gasoline engine, which is different from the powerful vibration and noise of a horizontal bar diesel engine. QTP06 mini excavator can make the workplace quieter.

mini digger

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