600KG The New Mini Format Qtp600&Qtp600 Plus Micro Excavator Mini Excavators

Discover the powerful micro excavator mini excavators that makes no compromises when it comes to size! With its compact design, it offers incredible performance for a wide range of tasks. Whether you want to carry out excavation work in tight spaces, dig foundations or carry out landscaping projects – this micro excavator  is your reliable partner.

Additional information

Petrol engine

Trident TR306(E) 306cc, 8.5 HP, 6.5 kW

Swivel range

360 degrees

Starter petrol engine

electric starter

Tearing force

approx. 450 kg

Weight: approx.

562 kg

Weight when shipping


Swivel radius


Overloading height

max. 1350 mm


max. 2330 mm

Product Detail

CE & EPA Certification 0.6 Ton Hydraulic Rubber Crawler Micro  Excavator Mini  Excavators

CE & EPA Certification 0.6 Ton Hydraulic Rubber Crawler Mini Digger Excavators Micro Crawler Excavators

Compact. Powerful. Versatile micro excavator mini excavators

Equipped with a robust 8.5 HP petrol engine from TRIDENT and precise hydraulics, it ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. Thanks to its maneuverability and easy operation, it enables precise work even in demanding environments.

Product Specifications

Petrol engine: Trident TR306(E) 306cc, 8.5 HP, 6.5 kW (complies with the latest EU environmental directive)
Starter petrol engine: electric starter
Swivel range: 360 degrees
Swivel range of excavator arm: approx. 70 degrees left, 70 degrees right
Overloading height: max. 1350 mm
Ejection height: max. 2100 mm
Digging depth: max. 1200 mm
Reach: max. 2330 mm
Total width with mirror: 770 mm
Total width without mirror: 700 mm
Track width: 690 mm
Maximum height: 1585 mm from floor to top edge of mirror
Minimum height: 1305 mm from floor to top edge of seat (with mirrors removed)
Load capacity (fully extended excavator arm): approx. 140 kg (dozer blade bottom)
Load capacity (full extension of excavator arm): approx. 80 kg (dozer blade above)
Tearing force: approx. 450 kg
Gradeability: max. 18 degrees
Weight: approx. 562 kg
Shipping dimensions: approx. 2275x740x1285 mm (LxWxH)
Weight when shipping: approx. 685 kg
Complete set: incl. 30 cm & 50 cm excavator shovels and a gripper
Electric starter: 12 volts
Battery level indicator
Petrol tank capacity: 6 liters
Oil tank “floating” mounted
Swivel radius: 360°

High-quality and robust workmanship
Easy to handle
Transport on a trailer or in a van possible
Can be driven through conventional doors (excavator is 700 mm wide)
Various attachments included
Powerful Hydraulic pump unit
Hydraulically lowerable dozer blade
Load capacity of approx. 80 to 140 kg (depending on the position of the excavator arm)
LED work lights
All lubrication points easily accessible

Micro Excavator Mini Excavators

Product Video

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