How electric heavy duty truck helps you?

Good morning everyone, welcome to TRADE PEAK Channel! This is Samantha. Nice to meet you guys here again. Today, I will introduce one new product – electric heavy duty hand truck for you guys. There are 10 parts in today’s show, let’s get started. 

electric heavy duty truck

electric heavy duty truck every process is carefully crafted

Firstly, I believe you are familar with hand truck, hand trolley,electric heavy duty truck. it is used for labor working, such as construction site, homages, building areas, etc. When you need to carry or transport something, you have to use a tool to help you.

This is the basic development of this product. During the long using expereinces and different requests by variety buyers, the powerful one which is with electricity to match more. Under this conditions,electric heavy duty truck a good idea just comes out, why we make new one for all of you? 

Secondly, the simple hand truck is too weigh to handle. When you use it with fully loading, all presures are on your shoulders and body. Some model could supply 150kgs, 300kgs or bigger one, it sounds good. However, if only use your labor and strength, what’s the meaning of this tool cart? Convenient and easy operation is what we concern about. At the same time, we consider the structures of electric heavy duty truck, it must be simple and pure, no more extra design to give users “nut” to handle, that’s it. 

electric heavy duty truck

Thirdly, green and no pollution to the earth. At the beginning, we want to use gasoline or diesel engine like mini dumper that we made. However, the whole structure will be a big problem for engineer to make the best easy using electric heavy duty truck.

We choose the battery, and also there is lead-acid type and lithium type. Under the small ares of this heavy duty truck, the lithium battery is the top choice which is with 20ah, 24v to support the working experience. 

Forthly, load capacity. Under the different using requests, we have 660llbs, 880lbs, 1100lbs three configurations. The basic one is 660lbs that provide the basic working, such as carrying clothes or bricks, even some stones. The whole width of this electric hand truck is 26.38 in, it could help you go through the narrow places, and at the same time, when it’s fully loading, there is no harm for you to move onto another places, this is really important for some small or mini areas.

The middle one which is with 880lbs loading ability to help you to put more on it, and comparing with the biggest one 1100lbs electric heavy duty truck, middel one is with two supporting wheels at the behind. 

Fifthly, Ergonomic design.  No matter what kind of tools, trucks or machines that made, all must be 100% matched with ergonomic design for human body. It means, the carrying, steering, dumping, loading, jumping or even climbing some hills, all must comfort the users.

The triangle frames that is with 3.0mm square tubes to provide the strong supporting of the whole body, the angle of this electric heavy duty truck is 45 degree at the static states, it means when it’s fulling loading, your arms are relaxing at this position, not to bear the weight of the stuff. The front plate we make it as oval version for better sliding the inflatables, the 90 degree directions of the whole part will make your carry efficient. 

detail 2

Sixthly, the front plate shapes. There are three different apperance at the front. Square, Oval and Round. Let me explain these three design for you. The square could be useful for 1100lbs or heavier one, the reason that’s why we make it, the square tubes could give you 360 degree cover and support on the weights, the oval ones is for smller one that can carry the jumping castles simple and light, of course, you may say the oval one is not with enough width, definitely yes; the round one is in the middle level, I think. If you use it with heavier loading and also need to be smooth at the surface, the round part is the best choice for you. 

Seventhly, the support castor wheels options. With one supporting swivel castor wheel or two? It depends on your usage. The single swivel castor wheel can support the neutral position of the truck, it is much more balanced to help the whole truck; the two castor wheels could bear more weight at the same time, and protect the truck go to any terrian fields quickly and stable. So if your using request belongs to the first one, single castor wheel is enough, if heavy loading with big spaces or volume goods, two support wheels much better. 

Eightly, little space to storage. The single supporting castor wheels is with bigger space for storage, that is not foldable there, but the two castor wheels with adjustable frames to help you to keep it in your warehouse directly. We prepare the xy knob to help you to fix them easily. The 10 inch pneumatic castor wheel with zinc powder coating to provide the beautiful out looking of this electric heavy duty truck. 

Ninethly, simple to pack. With adjustable front shovel version, we could pack 2 pcs electric heavy duty truck into one wooden pallet to save the transportation cost as much as we can. It is 85% assembled very well in it, the gear box, the motor and the electric kit is finished for you. The left spare parts assembly method is short and quick for any buyers. The charing plug is depends on the country you use. All is super perfect to match. 

detail 3

Tenthly, spare parts service. All spare parts of this heavy duty truck could provide to you all over the world. If you buy sample for testing, handles or switches that we will prepare it for you. If for selling, electric kit, wheels, handles, switches, cables all is into package. For the most important part on it is battery and motor, they are still included.  The lithium battery is world-wide version, and you don’t worry about how to fix when some parts needs to be replaced.

All above is the reason or the process of an electric heavy duty truck can help you in your daily work. From day to night, we all have to face different carriage situations. A super power heavy duty truck could make an easy day for everyone, especially thoses who are in the transportation fields. So your any inquiry or interests on this product, you could go to our official website to see more, or to check Trade Peak social media to get more. Anyway, thanks for your time and reading, hope you enjoy this words types of heavy duty electric hand truck.  

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