Best snow thrower QTP0730 Electric start, heated handlebars

After using the best snow thrower, we have completely changed the way we view snow clearing.We did much of our testing on a smooth gravel driveway two-stage blower. The machine comes with adjustable skid shoes that raise the scraper bar off the ground and make it harder for loose gravel to get caught in with the snow.

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The best snow thrower .

Shovels work for snowy stairs and walkways, but on a wide-open driveway or patio, you can’t beat a fast, effective, easy-to-use best snow thrower. After 10 winters of testing, the TRADE PEAK 26-inch 2-stage best snow thrower is the first tool we reach for, and its simple, intuitive controls make clearing deep snow a job you can enjoy.

Best snow throwerSnow Thrower

How to choose a best snow blower

The TRADE PEAK QTP0730 and QTP0620 even worked faster—and did a better job—than larger, more expensive competitors, thanks to the distinctive design of drive control.


This model also has a convenient electric start and a smooth joystick chute control that lets you easily direct snow where you want it. At a snow thrower price around $350 to $600, this blower is also a couple hundred dollars less than many comparable competitors. It can toss snow to about 40 feet, and it’s the ideal machine for a paved two-car driveway and for snowfalls that are consistently in the range of 6 to 20 inches.

if you have a gravel driveway or a large lawn area to clear, the tracked is a better option.

How picked best snow thrower.

TRADE PEAK QTP0730 snow blower is a reliable machine with a well-rounded feature set, especially given the relatively low cost. Like all good-quality two-stage blowers, it has an electric start and no-mar skid shoes—these features make the machine easy to get running and make it safe to use on a deck or patio without leaving scratches. It also has power steering, and a durable metal chute.


Because it’s a tracked model, the QTP0730 is much heavier than the snow thrower QTP0620, so the power steering is crucial. A small trigger at each handle stops the corresponding wheel, which causes the blower to turn on a dime . After having gotten used to a two-stage blower with power steering, we can’t imagine going back to the days of wrestling one around at the ends of the driveway.


Second, the QTP0620 has 16-inch tires, which are at least an inch larger and provide better traction than those on most 24- and 26-inch blowers.

A hand crank below the dashboard controls the side-to-side movement of the chute, and a joystick at the controls operates the up-and-down movement of the deflector cap.

The snow thrower will likely come with a few extras, we recommend checking the owner manual for a part number so that you can order more.

TRADE PEAK covers the snow blower with a two-year limited warranty



Best snow thrower

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