Best-selling 5t Log Splitter Garden Machinery TRADE PEAK QTP3055

Trade Peak electric 5T log splitter, with 5 to 15 inches length and 2 to 10 inches diameter to support finishing 5T log capacity.Manually splitter logs is a labor intensive work. It takes much of your time and energy. If you want to split firewood quick and effortlessly, en electric log splitter is what you need.

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5 ton



log capacity

370mm long,250mm dia.



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Why use a log splitter.

electric power means there is no gasoline,5T log splitters no carbon monoxide emissions, and limited maintenance. With an electric log splitter, you’ll never have to worry about cold starts or clogged carburetors again.

Our 20 second cycle time, 14.75 inches cylinder stroke, 16-square-inches push plate, and 5-inches wedge help you take on even the hardest of woods. Easily transport your splitter from the shed to the forest with the on-board pull handle and the two never-flat 6 inches wheels.

Choose this 5t log splitter.

5 ton electric log splitter. The first one is Spacious. Let me explain it for you. Please see the side- mounted support wings first, it could take on logs up to 15 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter with side-mounted support wings to prevent your log from rolling away during operation.

The second word is Powerful. Our powerful 7.5-amp motor creates 8800 pounds of log-cracking power. Combine that with the 20-second cycle time for a machine that can handle over 120 logs an hour.

TRADE PEAK 5t log splitters electric power means there is no gasoline, no carbon monoxide emissions, and limited maintenance.

  • QTP3055 by Trade Peak electric 5t log splitter.
  • 5 to 15 inches length and 2 to 10 inches diameter.
  • 5 ton log capacity.
  • The working pressure is 16.5Mpa.
  • short-circuit rating is 1KA, powerful 7.5A motor provides.
  • 1500W of log cracking pressure.
  • Included pull handle and 6 inches never-plat wheels make for easy transportation between jobs.
  • The cable is 1.6 meters long, and own weight is 45 kgs.
  • Will spilt all different types of logs including seasoned or greenwood.

5t log splitter

  1. The third word is Easy-to-use. Forget about the maintenance required with gas alternatives. Our easy-to-use electric 5t log splitter provides reliable start-ups every time you need it. No gas. No clogged carburetors. No problems.
    Then next one is Portable. The onboard handle combined with the 6 inches never-flat wheels make for easy transportation and storage between jobs. Two-handed operation prevents hands being at risk of injury.
  2. The fifth is Adjustable. Adjust the 4 inches push plate’s travel distance by setting the ram-limiting adjustment ring, providing shorter cycle times and maximum efficiency.
  3. The sixth is Accurate. Our 5-inches wedge measures in at 45 degrees for a sharp and accurate split to even the toughest of woods. Reinforced push block ensure reliable and durable splitting force, even when splitting tough or knotted wood.
  4. The seventh is Efficient. The auto-return cylinder automatically retracts after the split has been complete, saving your time and energy between logs.
  5. The last one is Versatile. Save your lower back with the included 34-inches stand mount, or be one with the earth by keeping your unit close to the ground. The choice is yours.And it must be mounted with safety guard for EU market, the new CE regulations requested it. It can be fitted to protect the operator when in use. And if you are not planning to sell in that market, no guard could be no problem.

Well, let’s conclude our view of the  electric 5t log splitters. Whether you are an avid camper, someone who loves backyard bonfires, or simply a homeowner who has a fireplace to keep burning during cold summer nights, the splitters we shared in this live will help you to stock up your firewood quickly and hassle free. We hope our live to help you to decide which splitter suits your preferences

TRADE PEAK log splitters

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