TRADE PEAK Electric Inflatable Dolly QTP500T

TRADE PEAK electric inflatable dolly has a history founded in dollys. Starting with the basic quality dolly, TRADE PEAK inflatable dolly is normally used for carrying your heavy inflatables in your garden, warehouse, etc. It has now expanded into multipurpose custom designs. For some accurate conditions that are used for transporting refrigerators, flatform beds, etc.

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QTP500T electric inflatable dolly is to handle the heaviest inflatable work.

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  1. Easy Start – Pull out the red button to power up the cart.
  2. Variable Speed Twist Throttle – Very easy to use and to control the speed.
  3. Zero Turn Radius – The carts can be spun manually in a true zero turn radius due to the open differential.
  4. Powder-Coated Frame – The chassis is welded and powder coated in house for a lasting finish
  5. Axles, Bearings & Hub: The axle on the Trade Peak Electric Hand Truck is the most stronger by far in this field. #20 link shaft which is basically a shortened version of the axles found on boats and utility trailers. They are designed to handle unforgiving pounding with 550 lbs on each single trailer wheel at highway speed. The 6204 bearing that is inside of the wheels could supply sustained quality. And other labor cart or hand truck which is normally used with ball bearings, that is really weak and low pressure.
  6. Gearbox Ratio 1:28: The split low-speed gearbox with a speed ratio of 1:28 is more stable than that of 1:20, and the torque increase is greater than that of a motor with the same wattage and better control. Splitting the differential transmission can make turning in zero.
  7. Electric Motor: 18-tooth brushless permanent magnet differential motor, which supplies 200W, 400W, DC power input, brushless motor with high output power. There are 4 control methods to choose from: I/O, RS-485 communication, CC-Link, and MECHATROLINK. With reliable performance, no wear, low failure rate, product life is about 6 times higher than that of brushed motors, and it also represents the development direction of motors. It is a static motor with a low no-load current, high efficiency, and small size.
  8. Removable Rechargeable Battery Pack – Change out your battery pack with our hassle-free design. You can swap out our packs in under 1 minute.
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